In the midst of exams

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything here, mainly because I haven’t had the time to.
This whole semester’s been a crazy period with a whole line-up of duties, assignments, and duties.

And wow, wordpress has been revamped!

I’m down with 2 papers, and I’ve got two more to go.
Last night was pretty shitty, because I had to go onto the calculator (tried to avoid one for the longest time) and do what typical students would do- to calculate the probability of me getting a decent grade.

It’s pretty un-cool isn’t it?

Yeah, so I decided F**** it, if i’m not going for exchange then so be it.

hahaha, i’m going to go back to my books.



Holiday #20-

Life has it’s way of forcing you into a cyclical form of living- it’s as if a ‘thing’ for you to go back up once you’ve reached bottom; or there’s an impalpable magnetic force that pulls you right back to where you’ve left from in the first place. Then I wonder, why go down at all? Can’t we, as Augustus Waters says, be on a roller coaster ride “that only goes up”?

Perhaps this is the sick truth of nature.

Holiday #19-

Today, I learnt that you cannot force many things in life. If I could, I’d say virtually everything.

You cannot force yourself to love someone, neither can you force another to love you; You cannot force yourself into a handstand on your first try, neither can you, if you’ve tried a million times and have never succeeded; You cannot force your hips in between the front seats like you could when you were 3, and you definitely cannot force a kid to make the right decisions all the time… … everything happens for a reason. And everything that doesn’t, fails to happen for a reason too. All these adversities are here for a reason. To teach us something, to wake us up, to make use understand.

But if you keep fighting against nature, you will never find peace. A cactus can never be a rose, water can never be fire, a duck will perhaps not turn into a swan in its lifetime. So why are you fighting?

You can only try to turn the tables.

You can try, try, and try again. If you believe that there are no limits, then aim for the stars. But when you fall, there’s no point kicking a fuss, no time feeling reproachful and no time for you to hate on your own inadequacies.

Just lie still, breathe, and thank yourself for all the effort you have put into your grand ambitions. Know that you have at least felt the fluff of clouds now, you’ve witnessed the beauty of the world.

Breathe in all the goodness… and be thankful. *pat on the back*




Holiday #18- Innocence


“She’s just a girl and she’s on fire.”

If I can be young again, like that girl in the picture, I’d play dress-up all day
and bring them onto the streets to show the world.
My innocence will keep me away from knowing judgments, so I can concentrate
on my little adventures. I will run after butterflies I do not know of, and think them
as fairies. Sometimes rocks turn into grumpy ogres under the moonlight but I’d make acquaintances with them.

They might think me as oblivious or that I have fallen sick, but that’s what you see
when you’ve been tainted by the filth of the world, with age. You see negativity and you don’t trust; You see evil and pain like you remember, and you will never do something without thinking again.

If I can be young again, I will shut my ears and close my eyes, and fall… … In this, I will only feel free.

But I cannot be young again, like that girl in the picture. She “… …shall indeed grow in grace and beauty,” the kind that starts from within. She shall indeed grow up, to always have hope in her heart and passion in her eyes, and the will to live as a unique individual.

x manzees

Holiday #16- catch-up with Izzy.

Last Wednesday, I met-up with my adorably-strange-secondary-school-table-partner Izzy, and had the most wonderful time spent at the chillax Tiong Bahru neighbourhood. I loved the white and black residences, and the weather was surprisingly good that day.

There are many cafes there, but we only went to Tiong Bahru Bakery and visited Books Actually after. I saw a poetry book written by one of the creative writing profs in uni.

I really had a great time and I count myself blessed to be physically okay by then to be able to roam around. Catching up with an old friend is a wonderful thing to do once in a while. I’m glad we were both open to that idea. Izzy had been an encouraging partner then, and funny too. haha. I always have that note where she drew “studybot” on, thumbtacked on my noticeboard above my study table. “Studybot” was supposed to be kind of like a study buddy haha. An artist, even since 4/5 years ago.


I hope to meet you again, friend! Till then… …

x manzees

Holiday #15- June, month for meaning.



“The fairest thing in nature, a flower, still has it’s roots in earth and manure.”- D.H. Lawrence

What’s with all your shortcuts to the stars? I hope you wake up! Success was never an overnight stint… … and success definitely mean more than just being on a star.

I’m almost into the f o u r t h day of June in a quarter more.

This makes me feel nervous.

I’ve been pretty down lately, with sudden bouts of fever, which made me feel like I was turning into a solar-rays-absorbing mutant.
My Lady Gates also decided to go erratic on me, opening up earlier this time round… …So basically, I lost twice the amount of iron I was supposed to in the month of May. I don’t know if this is a blessing in disguise… But I suffered really bad while I was bleeding profusely and having a fever concurrently. (I’m really sorry about the graphics in your head.) My point is really:

(or just try to avoid it when you’re having the time of the month- assuming that i’m talking to ladies here haha.)

There are many people out there who think that the side effects of tea on a menstruating woman is a myth. Well, I actually have felt all these side effects before: Intensified cramps, feeling extremely weak physically… …

I was doing some research.

“don’t drink tea immediately after food if you are needing iron supplement There has been some studies showing that the oxalates and polyphenols in tea may chelate the iron in food and render it non-absorbable for our body. It is therefore wise for those who need extra iron intake not to consume tea within 45 minutes of the ingestion of the person’s major food source of iron, or 20 minutes after a supplement, such as iron pills.” –

So I was drinking some tea hoping that it’ll help with my fever, but I woke up feeling nauseous, I was shivering, looking as pale as a ghost… … and I basically couldn’t think or walk straight. 

I think I was tea-toxicated.

But I love tea.

Maybe this doesn’t apply to everyone. Especially those lucky girls who don’t experience the pains of the “life cycle”. ><

Moving on.

Falling ill had served me a greater purpose and I love that I found goodness in the downtime of downtimes. I saw many things that made me upset, and I learnt to move past them eventually. I figured that only people who care about you at your lowest are the most valuable, regardless of who they are superficially. Such is often said and reminded, but to ears affected by the theory of habituation- clichés are like rules they always tell you about; don’t play with fire, don’t accept sweets from a stranger; but how often do we look to these clichés, abandoned in the pit of our minds… …

when hurt is caused.

There are just too much differences between people who seem to want the same things. It feels like i’m just sweeping it all away, right? Yeah, i’m still deciding if I can accept all the ridicule I’m seeing.

I’m back into my world, where only a few is allowed. Those that I want to treasure; those that are worth it.

I’ve always been exclusive.

x manzees

Holiday #13- Hatched & Mu Parlour



The Sun today was merciless and it completely disregarded my pleas for leniency. I am dead beat. But I’ll still update the wonderful memories created earlier, lest I forsake them later because of my goldfish memory power.

I met up with C & S today, my wkw friends, and we had Hatched @ Holland Village! It was really good.


You should go try it if you haven’t, it’s perfect for your craving for an egg-dish. I ordered the cowboy burger, like I did the last time I went there.   C’s dish is the one on the most right and it’s quite interesting, but I forgot what it’s called. haha.

After a hearty meal, we basically roamed the streets of Holland Village and C took pride in discovering seemingly conspicuous alleys parked with massive garbage bins and scavenging pigeons. I’m pretty curious about the end products because she was so stubborn about not letting us in on her picture spams and ‘pep talks’ (“Werk it, Werk it!”; “Give me High Street Fashion!”; “Very good, there are birds in the background!” ). *Yeah, I know.* She claims to credit her beautiful shots to severe editing, & I’m more impressed than betrayed actually. (Despite me calling her a cheater, haha.)

We were entering and leaving the topic about exchange back at Hatched quite a bit and i’m still at a lost to wether I should embark on my privilege in Year 2 Sem 2 or Year 3 Sem 1?

Why I am EVEN considering going in Y3S1:

1) J’s going to be free during the period of Y2S2 and I don’t want to waste the time we can possibly have together to do exciting things. (ie, travel)

2) Maximise my hall stay, and maybe have the liberty to join smth at least! (ie, cheer/ dance/ sub-comms.)

What’s making me consider Y2S2 instead: I heard

1) about the troubles with admin

2) about the troubles with finding available comms schools/ modules

3) what if graduation is delayed?

4) Most friends are probably going in Y2S2… so.

rawr. decisions, decisions.

Let’s move on.

After the ‘photoshoot’ with C, we headed to Mu parlour for deserts, but it wasn’t anything spectacular. I was also feeling a little nauseous after the heavy meal and hot sun spells… … Bleh. Then, I went down to meet J for a short while at Harbourfront to have frozen yogurt and I took the obligation to wash those adorable spoons and brought them home. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the staff at Menchie’s throw them away together with all the other rubbish customers left after eating. Surely these spoons would cost quite a sum to manufacture? I’m not going back there again unless I feel like collecting free spoons for my own pleasure.

I’m quite excited for tmr’s plans! <3

Have fun too, you.

x manzees

I have my insecurities too. I’m not perfect, but there’s someone out there who loves me more than skin-deep; more than I love myself. & I thank God, for that.

Holiday#12- Ice Edge Cafe


Twas’ a great meet-up with the girls earlier. (: We were supposed to chill at Wimbly Lu, but it’s closed on Mondays. Well, I learn something new today: that most cafés are closed on Mondays. So it’s best to check what’s open next time before heading down to face unwelcoming doors, or just don’t meet for cakes & coffee on Mondays.

Thank goodness, Ice Edge Café is open 12pm-12am daily, so we settled for that and got ourselves in for a great time of gelato tasting and savouring buffalo wings, tom yam seafood pizza, Japanese romana pizza, waffles & toast… … so gratifying. yumz.

I loved how we were laughing so much over the stupidest things just now.

It’s as though our laughter had suppressed our experiential differences and and fit us back together again for the reasons that once held us together, like hinges on a door. I have always wondered why people change in tandem with the constant movement of circumstances; why people leave and don’t say a word for awhile. Then I realised that we are all the same. We all need to leave our cocoons one day to explore and take what the world offers- this way, we learn why home is important, & we discover where home is. As we evolve with each passing day, relationships take on a new level each time. Disagreements unfold and leave irreparable scars, but we learn to put the rock down, when we learn to pick it up. Differences are not the focus, but it is how you use the right amount of heat to solder relentless, individualistic hearts. Sometimes friends do things that leave you bewildered; But it’s okay. As we all grow, you learn to keep secrets, and things are more complicated. There are no more transparencies like how we tell each other everything at 7 years old, just filters to show our prettier sides. You learn to accept that with a lighter heart. You learn to love and never give up on them.

Cheers to 5 years of friendship.

x manzees

Holiday #11- just an ordinary post

I am officially into the 4th week of holidays because it’s Monday. Well, I guess I could always have the freedom to proclaim wednesday the start of my weeks, but that will mean that I do not co-exist with humans. Maybe the plants and my rabbit will understand me.

DSCF5019 DSCF5021

I tried waking up super early this morning (630am) but I failed miserably. I missed the Sunrise that I long to discern, and now my day is tragically incomplete. (Why do I sound like a mopy poet)


My past week was spent mostly w J because he took a 4 days leave (I think) and ended up not having to go back to camp the whole week. We did many things we never thought that we’d do: played squash aggressively (my right arm is still protesting), cooked dinner (Japanese curry rice x Miso Soup) and unintentionally murdered a broccoli (I’m really sorry ><), went to the beach (mentioned that in my prev post), and went out a lot on impromptu meet-ups just because we want to and we can(I love the holidays).

I have enjoyed myself thoroughly and I only wish to have more time like that.

I decided to make full use of my remaining f  r    e        e  days (oh gawd, it’s diminishing *Yeeks*) by making a lifestyle change. *determined face that you cannot see* Days will start early enough for me to catch the glorious mornings, which also mean more time to do more things. I’ve even signed up for Yoga! (Thanks to M) I’ve heard about the goodness of Yoga and it’s the only way I can maintain myself after stepping down from ballet because my back is mysteriously and badly injured, so, why not?

Alrighty, better go get some things done! excited for Wimbly Lu with the girls!


x manzees


Holiday #10- We went to the beach on 21st may. (1)


You must think it slightly strange to mention the date to my beach adventure this summer. It’s something I deem mandatory because of the significance it holds for us! :D (me and J.)

We had a beach-y kind of date yesterday and it was totally not how I was expecting it to be, but I still enjoyed myself thoroughly. :)


In the tram.

It will be so super to live in Sentosa. Can you imagine leading a beach-y kind of life. haha, like the kind of life in Hanna Montana, chilling at the beach, swimming in the sea, hanging out w surfer dudes… … hahaha. Maybe Sentosa isn’t exactly the best beach because it’s 1. artificial, and 2. wave-less*. I was just thinking that it’s so pathetic we even need to have faux wave generators at Wavehouse. On hindsight, I give credit that we actually try, and surfing isn’t too easy.

*wave-less- not having the kind of waves sufficient for a human to perform stunts with a horizontal plank.

hahaha. We did so many crazy things – digging a hole for the gopro to take pictures, making purely absurd videos in the sea, throwing the gopro around to see what it captures, making (hopefully successful) movies with the lomokino, leaping the grand jete kind of faith about a hundred times under the blistering hot sun (I got cranky there), swimming in the sea then freaking out when I stepped on seaweeds and learnt about jellyfish (if jellyfish don’t poop seaweeds then unicorns don’t poop rainbows- my conjecture is right.)… … We also went to wavehouse to have lunch. We ordered fish ‘n’ chips at a really good deal and drowned down to jugs of coke (burp). We should’ve gone for the pizza cus’ we got too full and ‘oiled’ by then.



I was amazed by the surfers at wavehouse and I had lots of fun silently cheering on some of them and laughing at ppl falling off the board. It’s really not easy, I really wanted to try, but it was all fully booked so I decided, next time.

Can’t wait for all our films to be developed cus I really want to see the outcome. I hope it all works out because it’s so freaking expensive and we spent so much time with the film cams. (diana F+,action sampler, lomokino).

Walked around vivo after we found that tickets to X Men and Godzilla were sold out and I went to J’s place to watch 500 days of summer. hahah, I really love the show. It just got really creepy when coincidences caught up with us (ie, it mentioned May 21st, and the name Autumn, when J and I were just talking about (nice) names… *ok, not going there*)

I really had a great day and I’m so proud of myself for I’m not one to like going out too much and intentionally make my body synthesise vitamin D (really, just harmful UV rays). I miss my young and active days. *nostalgic expression* haha, who am I kidding, really. -.-

That’s all for now. I hope you’re having a great time too. :)

x manzees


Holiday #9- project grade.

Taking a break from black & white keys and scrolling through Facebook led me to the nerve-wrecking news that cs2006 grades are out. I must have held my breath while reading the comments because i’m almost gasping for air now. Just thinking about what I saw earlier is making my heart palpitate for some odd reason; perhaps the surreality of receiving such hard truths in the midst of a 3 months vacation is getting to me. Summertime sadness indeed.

Frankly speaking, I’m content with the final grade i’m granted with. My mind is just lingering over the part about my reflection paper, what’s hindering me from that A?

Nevertheless, I’m really thankful for all the good feedback from N! The posting of grades served a great reminder to me that I should really go visit Mdm T soon, with the picture that we took with her. I remember the times when we’d camp along Mohamed Ali Lane to wait for her grand (yet humble) arrival and capture, on camera, her manoeuvring (J-walking rather)  across the main road, slow and steady, as if she did this for years. (Well, yeah, she did haha)

I remember all the long-drawn conversations I had with Mdm T. There were many times when I had to fight to hold back my tears when we talked. She didn’t fit the stereotypical bill of a benevolent, gentle, and pleasant old lady; but she was definitely strong and independent, a stark contrast to her physical posture (diminutive & hunched).

At 80, she’s still working hard to sustain her life expenses. Does she have children? yes. But she once told me that she cannot expect her children to feel obligated to take care of her fully even if she’s worked hard to bring them up for half her life. She doesn’t even live with them, because she didn’t want to disturb her grandchildren with her amplified vocals, due to her deafness. A woman like her, though only managing a thrift shop that sells unwanted goods at a dollar each, taught me about business ethics: that one should not try to sabotage other people’s business because everyone is working equally hard for a chance at survival.

I love how i’m given a chance to interact with someone I would never interact with on a normal basis, through this assignment. I understand now, how it feels like to thoroughly enjoy the process of doing something. An experience like this is one that I will hold closely to my heart. The values I’ve picked up along the way will serve to hold me close to earth and remind me of the kind of girl I want to be.

On a side note, I would like to share the stills that I’ve taken for the assignment! :)

umbrellacropped oldlady (1 of 4) alley-3 oldlady (2 of 4)

There are just too many people in this world, even on little Singapore alone. We all lead different lives; While I stress over assignments, these people are smiling even while slogging under the hot sun. They may have simple minds, but knowing more doesn’t necessarily make us better and being better doesn’t necessarily make us happier. I feel that it takes wisdom to see the bigger picture, and that is to realise that the world consists of approximately 7 billion people, & developing countries account for 97%. Stay optimistic and humble in all adversities, you are not alone! haha. 

x manzees

Holiday #8- you know you’re in love.

Photo on 2012-10-26 at 20.27ilyilyPhoto on 2012-10-26 at 20.27


You know that you’re in love,/when suddenly his opinions matter to you/when you’re worried about wether he made it home safely/ or if he’s got a paper cut and it hurts/ you./ know that you’re in love,/ when it doesn’t matter anymore;/ the way his hair resembles a mad scientist’s,/ or if he wears the same sets of clothes routinely./  You know that you’re in love,/ when all you can ever think about,/ is him- his smile, his eyes/ and even his pores./ You know that you’re in love,/ when it doesn’t matter anymore,/ what others think & say./ You stand by your beliefs,/ & you believe in the goodness in him./ You know that you’re in love,/ when you’re not afraid of anything at all,/ because you know that he’s got you, he’s got your back./ You know that you’re in love,/ when you prepare yourself for the worst,/ & you tell yourself that you will stand by him no matter what./ You know you’re in love,/ when you start trying for him./ You dress up on special occasions,/ watch your diet,/ care for your skin/ & be extra hygienic,/ even though deep down, you know/ that it wouldn’t change the way he sees you./ You know that you’re in love/ when you miss the warmth of his voice/ in the middle of the night;/ so sweet, so enticing, yet real,/ like chocolate chips in cookies. 



x manzees

Holiday #7- Catching up


Meeting up with my favourite girls from JC (Junior College) made yesterday a fulfilling one, and I am contented. :) It’s all warm and nice to know that some things never change; that amidst all the constant changes in life, the part that once connected you to the ones who matter will always remain.

The days when we laughed about everything and anything (mostly the silliest) were relieved in just that few hours of time together. It didn’t feel awkward, perhaps just a little unfamiliarity with all the new stuffs going on in our lives. HM has a new boyfriend now and we’re all really excited about it. I’m really happy that she’s found someone who treats her the way she really deserves to be treated and I can’t be more excited to have E and M get attached too. :p

In my life so far, I have two main groups of girlfriends whom I really treasure. These girls make up one of them. Even though we’ve only spend 2 years together, it was 2 intense years of fighting to survive through A levels. I like how I can feel comfortable around them without the fear of being judged. no competition, no comparison, no superficiality. :) I really hope that we’ll remain as friends for as long as possible!

Some pictures from our brunch at Five&Dime. :)  I ordered chicken katsu burger but I didn’t really like it much. We then went to B&J’s for ice cream and parted after that. Awww.

Then, I went to visit A in the hospital after her knee surgery and the first thing I was presented w was her knee meniscus. (lol!)


poor girl.

Watching her struggle from the side effects of anaesthesia made me feel so pained and afraid of child labour. (I actually considered having 5 kids hahaha) Well, it also made me more determined to strengthen my back, lest something worst happens and I’ll have to go through a surgery later… … yikes. But i’m sooooo lazy to do anything but stay in my couch!!! any tips to keep my butt off?

I almost forgot about driving class in the morning yesterday. I’m so lucky that they had to call me to inform me about something else, or I’d have forgone 70 bucks just like that!

Because yesterday took me so much energy- driving through S and Crank courses in the circuit, traveling to River Valley Road, then to TTSH, laksa at 8pm (?!), then back home- I just died in bed last night and woke up in the afternoon feeling all groggy and tired. I still have things from hall to pack and I’m so dreading it… … It’s almost 4. what should I do next?

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” – C.S. Lewis

Do you have best friends?


x manzees




Holiday #6- Moving out of Hall.


“You are my best friend, as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.” – Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook.


I’m currently a product of a tiring day spent packing and evacuating out of my room in Hall XI. So much feels.
It wasn’t too difficult, I went there armed with a luggage and many more bags to carry my things (I regret bringing so many hangers over). Further, I made sure that we called for a cab before peak hour so that my cheap cotton on purse doesn’t burn unjustified. Of course, all of these (thawing the fridge, carrying the fridge down three levels, carrying the white coffee table down three levels, carrying almost all the heavy stuff down three levels, zipping up my bursting luggage) wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my very own spidey, J. :)  (I know I seem very useless, but there were many more things that I had to do too! #selfdefense #truestory)

I’ve always known that i’m really lucky to have him in my life, today just made me appreciate him even more. There are no limits to how much you can love someone, I think.

So I returned the keys and waited for the cab. I chanced upon a quote by Nelson Mandela, which was imprinted onto a plaque at the pick-up point at hall. It said:

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

Coming into university, and joining the Jcrc taught me many important life lessons. I have changed in so many ways, just by living out in a hall alone. I remember how I was once nervous to live out of my comfort zone, where I had no one to cook for me, do my laundry for me, clean my room for me, change my sheets for me… … Eventually I learnt how to do all these things and I learnt the importance of proper housekeeping (room-keeping, rather). I made many good friends from diverse backgrounds who naturally became my teachers along the way. I’m always very thankful for kind people who make the world a better place. I’ve been blessed with great neighbours and awesome seniors who always try to impart their knowledge to me and to make me feel at home in such a foreign setting. Next sem, many people will be leaving and I’m sure going to miss them. I wonder how hall life is going to be next semester for me? better? 

I withdrew from hall for quite awhile during the examinations period, because I found home much more comfortable. I was even considering not staying in hall next year to save the cost of paying for hall stay and the extra expenses of eating out. Then it got a little hard to breathe at home again, because I was not used to having my parents start nagging at me. That’s when I realised that it’s best to have both worlds to go back to. This might sound pretty immature, but I can almost guarantee that my parents treat me better when I’m home less frequently. 

I’m excited for tomorrow, because i’m going to meet up with my JC girlfriends. :) & i wish melia all the best for her surgery. <3

x manzees


Holiday #5- Dinner with my French room-mate.

I’m already into my second week of holidays and yesterday very well-defined how the rest of the week is going to be like. There is so much to do, so many people to meet and the move out of hall is going to take a bulk of my time.

After facial yesterday I met J and we went to the Singapore Art Museum for lunch at Food for Thought & walked through the gallery showcasing Genesis and We: Defining Stories by Salgado. We saw many beautiful pictures taken from all over the world, some that were pretty thought provoking. After that, we parted and I travelled down to Jurong Point for my next meet.

The highlight of yesterday was actually dinner with my room mate, Léa, whom I’ve mentioned about somewhere in one of my posts before. We talked and laughed over many things and I’ve learned a little about the difference between our cultures, though the existence of it isn’t surprising at all.


(I need some fringe)

It had been quite an experience living in the same room with her, and I’ve come to confirm that they really party more than many girls here in Singapore. hahaha. I feel a tad bit guilty that semester 2 had me sucked into the JCRC business so much that I haven’t really had the time to hang out with her. So I genuinely wish that she’ll come back again for me to redeem myself!!!



I wish you all the best in your future endeavours Léa! :)

Thank you for being an accommodating and considerate roomie. <3

Hope to see you again,

x manzees

‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ director Marc Webb on Gwen Stacy’s fate in sequel: ‘There’s a cost to being a hero’


Enlightened. The problem with watching an action film on a hugeass cinema screen. You just can’t figure it all out at one shot.

Originally posted on Inside Movies:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”Niko Tavernise” align=”left”]

Warning: If you haven’t yet seen The Amazing Spider-Man 2, then you should absolutely stop reading right now. 

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Holiday #4-The Amazing Spiderman & some thoughts


The first week of holidays is almost coming to an end. I planned to catch the french film “Blue is the Warmest Colour” by Abdellatif Kechiche with J today but we found that it’s R21 and I was so upset. :( So we went ahead to catch The Amazing Spider-man 2 instead. Everyone was raving about how awesome the show is, and I have to agree. But- WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THAT GWEN DIED?!?! *cries-wails-screams-portests-scrunched-up-face-add-some-tears* 

That explains the picture going around Facebook with Emma Stone photoshopped with a red wig and turning into Mary Jane… (?!) Bleh. I cried really badly when she died. I was so baffled about why Gwen wasn’t waking up to Peter’s relentless calls. Until about a full minute (or more) J broke the news to me that she died…& I went *gasping voice* “whaaaaaat?! She can’t die!!!” 

I really loved the couple. I actually believe that it’s because of Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s chemistry that made me die a little inside… I don’t remember being any upset when bad things happened to Mary-Jane in the old Spiderman, played by Kirsten Dunst. No offence, but apart from the ‘upside down kiss’, I couldn’t really feel much from Kirsten Dunst and Tobey Maguire.


The famous kiss.


& this, concludes my favourite couple of the year. aww <3   :)

I enjoyed The Amazing Spider-man 2 very much for many reasons. They had really cool graphics, the casts were great, & I could really feel a lot of emotions from the film. I quite like the new Harry Osborn, acted by Dane DeHaan, though I was not really used to having such a young face for the character at first.

More importantly, I felt quite sorry for Electro or Max Dillon (acted by Jamie Foxx). He was actually a good & ordinary person who wants nothing but what he’s devoid of in his life- affirmation, appreciation & love. But power got to him… and nothing good ever happens when a hating man is suddenly charged with a surge of power he doesn’t know how to control. Like Harper Lee wrote in To Kill a Mockingbird, “Sometimes the bible in the hand of one man is worst than a whiskey bottle in another…”.

People should really be nicer to each other and try to understand an empty soul when you encounter one. Sometimes these souls have a deceiving exterior that may deter you from getting close to them, but if you really want to make the world a better place you’ve got to show them kindness and understanding… On the other hand, I really hope that the angry, lost, hopeless, bitter, & lonely people believe that no matter how many bad experiences they’ve been through with people, or in life, the good ones count more. It’s useless just accumulating all the bad energy in you & hating on every being in this world. Tell the negativity in your head to get lost and listen to your heart beating… Remember that you have a soul. That soul is your very own. You can make a vulnerable orchid, or a strong rain tree out of it…Perhaps even a rich garden of all wonderful sorts. :)


haha! This part is really just Hollywood’s signature way of tugging at your heart’s strings. But I let mine get tugged willingly because this kid is just too adorable. Awww <3

So in conclusion, the movie was spectacular. Any movie that makes me cry, laugh, smile, & squirm in my seat is a good movie. I can’t wait for The Amazing Spider-man 3 already! Though i’m not looking forward to find out who Mary-Jane Watson is going to be… I just L O V E Emma Stone. & Andrew Garfield <3


I had a great day today with J, away from all the stuffiness and unhappiness that happened earlier on in the morning with my father. I say stuffiness because I felt like I was going to die of oxygen deprivation. I really hate knowing that he is a 50 plus year old man & still suffering from anger management. But I understand. I fully understand & accept that nobody is perfect.


Watch The Amazing Spider-Man 2, if you haven’t!

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Holiday #3- Missing Paris & feeling thankful.



“Paris is always a good idea.”- Audrey Hepburn.


Sipping on my first cup of coffee since the start of holidays makes my mind wander. I looked through old photos and found many of the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Château in Versailles (France), beautiful cathedrals… …. & it made me miss all of these places all over again. I remember all that happened during the trip and how I was so unfamiliar with my newly bought camera then; how I was so amazed at the boat houses in Amsterdam and wished so much that I would one day have a chance to live in those.

It is my dream to go back there again in a few years and re-experience the wonders of European life & history. I do not believe that the grass is greener on the other side, though it’s proven that skies are bluer any place else but here (lol); But I would love to have the chance to breathe different flavours of oxygen for awhile.

I shall continue on with my plan to make an album of some sort to put together the fun memories we had! I gave up last year with Uni camps and all and there were just too many pictures. (hahaha)

I consider myself a lucky girl and I’m thankful for all the time, effort, sweat, and tears my mother (and father) had put in to make my life a fulfilling one. Mother’s Day is coming! How should I express my gratitude?


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Holiday #1- ‘Her’



Yesterday was a lazy Monday well-spent watching this beautiful film, Her, by director Spike Jonze and main lead Joaquin Pheonix. I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since I saw the ad in the cinema, while anticipating the screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller. (Also a good one to catch)

I loved it so much for its cinematic techniques and colour of the set. Here’s one of my favourite:


(hahaha, okay, now that I’m looking at this still, it’s starting to feel awkward)

The movie is basically about this guy called Theodore, and he falls in love with an
operating system (OS), who named herself Samantha.


I got quite a lot out of this film apart from the awkwardness of watching somebody fall in love with somebody else I never saw throughout the entire show. (Yeah, I know that it’s the point)
Especially when they started making love… like, whuuut… I would strongly advise you to watch it only with someone you’re comfortable with, and maybe with headphones on when there are other people around… Cus’ the conservative folks are totally going to be judgin’ & talkin’.



1) Love knows no boundaries
The concept of the film is really meaningful, I was quite surprised by how the people around him were so accepting
(okay, maybe except for his ex-wife) about his new ‘girlfriend’, Samantha. I think it will be a wonderful world to live in if everyone was this accepting. There will be no need for protests and forbidden love lurking around corners; there will be no need for people to deal with issues about facing the society. Still, I must admit that falling in love with a computer or OS is just weird…

2) Technology is today’s (and the future’s) man’s best friend.
If you haven’t watched the show, Theodore bought his OS (because he’s a tech geek). It’s like walking into an Apple Store to get yourself and iPod, except that you can do much more with it. (much more.) Samantha freaking reads his emails, corrects the grammar in his letters (he writes letters as a profession), helped him publish a book voluntarily, and she communicates with him like no other human could. Even Amy, Theodore’s good friend, had an OS best friend. So, that just goes to show how many other people would’ve gotten their hands on an OS, right? They can play so many roles! Can you imagine marrying a phone? or an iPad?

3) Always choose to love people. not things.
So the major downfall for Theodore was that he found out about Samantha ‘falling in love’ with 641 other OS users. I can imagine how cheated he felt. That one voice, which you so rely on and look forward to listening everyday, turned out to be just a computerised persona that can be anywhere,everywhere, for anyone, at anytime. People can’t even deal with cheating with one other person.


So in the end, Samantha left and so did the other OS-es serving other users. I kept wondering about the company that made this thing. What happened? Maybe people started suing because they’re so angry about getting their feelings cheated, lol… Or maybe people just learnt their lessons and moved on.

People invented things. If people can fail you, so can the latest invention.



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