Bad Day. :(

“[I] need a blue sky holiday… …”

I’m just going to be honest that I had a pretty bad day today.
(Like who am I really talking to)
My grumpy meter is at max. point because several incidents came up today that made me pretty negative about things in life.

- I screwed 0900 final quiz so badly.
- We lost one precious clip for our video.
- I had a really long and draggy lecture today.
- & that irritated me a lot.
- The rain was pathetically sad.
( You know, the kind that’s wet but humid? it’s like showering with a faulty shower head.)

But then, I got sick of being sad and decided to save myself from depression!

It took me a lot of mental power and positive thinking.
I also realised that it’s pretty stupid to be sad about such issues when there are so many people out there upset about
not having enough to eat/drink and a place to call home. (really.)


1. I figured that this could be my wake up call.

2. I did some reflection and accepted the fact that I had been distracted & so it’s my fault.

3. It really isn’t the end of the world even though it sucks that everyone else did so much better.

4. I should look forward and learn my lessons.

5. I will get some sleep and start afresh tomorrow.

6. Even though i’m still a little scared inside, I know that if I do my best for the remaining assignments,
I’ll have no regrets, regardless of the grades.

7. AC truffles, hugs, & a shoulder to lean on. 

J went down to chinatown to help us collect our films today and there are only a few that I like. The ones i took with my gfs became non-existent probably because of bad lighting and all. Oh wells.

But here’s one.


“Our hearts of stone become hearts of flesh when we learn where the outcast weeps.” -Brennan Manning, Abba’s Child: The Cry Of The Heart For Intimate Belonging.

Thus, i’m no longer frowning. Just really, really tired.

“So I’ll quiet down the devil, I’m gonna knock him with a shovel, and I’ll bury all my troubles underneath the rubble.”

x manzees

Unspoken tidings


really love the tone and colour of Nguan’s photos…

Originally posted on Inneryennings:

Encrypted with secrets is the gaze in Nguan’s images, yet we wish we’ll never find the key

The absence or presence of eye contact render Nguan's pictures as tableaus of tantalizing mystery
The absence or presence of eye contact render Nguan’s pictures as tableaus of tantalizing mystery

Political philosopher Noam Chomsky once said that silence is often more eloquent than loud clamour. “Singapore” (2011-13), a series of images by local photographer Nguan, bears testimony to that.

In one of the densest city states in Asia, bombarded by political rhetoric of re-invention and renewal, and where boundaries between public and private are rapidly disintegrating with technology, silence seems like anathema. A malady much feared, it carries with it the cold draught of loneliness and void that seems to multiply exponentially with material possessions we consume. Many a time, we describe an artwork in terms of whether it “speaks” to us, but Nguan’s pictures pose as open quotation marks awaiting conversations to fill the space.

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23 Painfully True Lessons You Learn By Age 23

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:


It’s my party, and I’ll reflect on the greatest life lessons I’ve learned thus far if I want to.

1. You are not your failures or rejections. You are not the boy who couldn’t love you, the job you couldn’t get, the school who wait-listed you.

2. You are, however, your passions, your convictions and the company you keep.

3. Blocking toxic people out is hard, healthy and needed. You may regret blocking people out. But you will ultimately rejoice in a toxic-free life.

4. You are unique, and your experience with people is unique. Your relationships can never be repeated, replaced; only remembered.

5. Have the courage to be yourself all the time.

6. Show your love. Especially to your parents. We are all living on borrowed time, don’t waste the moment you could have said, “I love you, Mom and Dad.”

7. Don’t be the life…

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Miss dancing.

Okay, quick post before I go back to studying. Yes, I know that it’s hell-week in a few hours.

Monday: Media Law final quiz + Visual comms final quiz
Tuesday: Media & Environ. final quiz + Research Fund. double quiz
Deadlines: CS0900 project 3, CS2006 Vid+stills+blog write-ups

I just got back from AJ dance society’s production “Synergie Pendulum” and watching the whole show
just made me miss dancing so much. I also miss my friends even though I was acting a little strange. (lol)

I really can’t wait for the holidays to come!! okay, pics.


okay. God please help me get through the week.

All the best to you if you are fighting hard for survival too!

x manzees


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