It’s time for my November post. It’s been a month, how have you been?

The past few days have been extremely stressful for me, but i’m glad that
I can finally sit down and reflect on life in this private (or not so) space of mine.
A ginormous stone had been lifted off my shoulders and thrown into the sea earlier today,
when I finally submitted my Reading & Writing Journal, completed my multimedia text 
assignment, & sat through an hour or more of Japanese listening & oral examination.


The days prior to this post hadn’t exactly been the happiest. In fact, it took more effort
than usual for me to maintain a cheerful disposition. ): Though it might partly be due to 
me having my period (LOL), it’s also because I had faced several minor setbacks which 
really made me question my capabilities.

It really isn’t easy to be part of the JCRC, or more so the cult sect. I always think that I have to put on
a serious front so that people will take me seriously, but I was wrong. While I was too caught up with my
own self-imposed pressure and austere façade, I unknowingly lost myself along the way and hurt 
people I care about. During this term, I have learnt that to be in a position of authority takes much
more than showing that you are in authority. It is learning to maintain the subtlety of being
in-charge and being a genuine friend to your members simultaneously. I really hope that they will
forgive me even though I may be, once again, over-thinking about it. (sighpie)

Still, I find it exhausting to perpetually dwell in sadness and endless whining about yesterday’s mistakes.
One should always be FORWARD LOOKING and learn from the past. Which is why, I’m still
standing in the light of positivity and working hard towards a better tomorrow! (lol) I am very thankful
for the friends that I have made here because they are all amazing, and great people to be around.
I know that I can always count on them when I need help. (‘:

Not forgetting the fact that I really miss my secondary and JC friends too!!! )': 

Exams in about a week’s time and I just can’t wait for sem 1 to be O V E R. oh my goodness.
Think about the luxury of time and freedom and worry-less days. #bliss

Press on everyone.

In life, it’s really the journey that matters. Make your life a a fulfilling one because you only live once.

x manzees


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One thought on “NOvember

  1. Sup mandy. I hope this comment finds you well.

    Being part of an orgcomm/leader is NEVER easy but we all start somewhere so don’t lose heart. And also, it’s better to make mistakes now where everyone is more forgiving than later. You get to learn of your strengths and weaknesses in ways you never knew, and you will be very humbled by what the people you lead can lead you to do :-)



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